MovingPackers and Movers Services During Covid-19 Pandemic

Packing and moving during Covid-19 pandemic

Since the beginning Covid-19 pandemic, the lifestyle of the people globally has come to a stall. During the lockdown, there was no point in shifting to a new place. However, with the gradual opening up during the unlock down stages, people decided to make a move for which they had waited throughout the #lockdown.

Packing and moving during Covid-19

As the current situation is a little better with the upcoming news of the vaccine, people have gradually resumed the shifting process almost at the same pace as during the pre-corona era taking care of the social-distancing.

Should you move during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Nothing is more valuable than health. For the past few months, India has witnessed a decline in the rate of coronavirus affected people. The risk during packing and moving is minimum since the outbreak.

So, packing and moving can be done provided the company workforce as well as you strictly follow social distancing and guidelines by the Health Ministry. However, if you are in a high-risk group having any chronic disease or you are above 60, it’s suggested to wait until the pandemic ceases.

How are packers and movers Gandhinagar performing during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Packers and Movers Gandhinagar are legally bound to strictly follow the guidelines by the Health Ministry so that they don’t come in contact with their customers throughout their work. They’ve got instructions to wear masks and gloves and to frequently sanitize the vehicle they used for transportation.

How to shift during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Packing and moving during the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenging task. You have to monitor the workers keeping in mind your own safety against the infection. Following are some of the key takeaways.

  1. Check that your new area is safe: Before you plan to shift, ensure that the locality you are moving into is not too close to a containment zone because that can put your health at risk. The more densely populated area has a higher potency to spread the infection. You may suspend your shifting until the vaccination if your new locality is densely populated and have Covid-19 patients.
  2. Choose your packer and mover carefully: Before hiring a packer and mover, confirm that they are strictly following the protocols. More importantly, get assured the none of the active workers is diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus.
  3. Choose to have an online meeting: Rather than visiting the office, have a phone call or an online chat with the manager to avoid getting exposed to packed environments for too long. Also, demand the manager to send you the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy via email. While making any payment, use internet banking rather than cash.
  4. During the moving day, keep your mask on and maintain at least six feet distance from the workforce. In case you get in contact with anyone or the packages brought by the workers, use a hand sanitizer.
  5. During your travel, keep sanitizing your hands as well as those of your family. Keep your food and water with yourself and aloof from the packed boxes. Wash your hands thoroughly before eating and drinking.
  6. Once you reach your destination, disinfect your new house once the workers leave after unloading the boxes. You may also call the local authorities. They will thoroughly disinfect your home, leaving nil chances of infection. Sanitize the items inside the boxes and dispose of all the packaging material into a closed public dustbin.
  7. Throughout the process, if you find anyone developing acute symptoms related to Covid-19, immediately inform the nearest Covid-19 center for the check-up.

There’s hardly any task or event which is not affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The packing and shifting experience has also suffered in service delivery, time, and overall experience. However, if you follow the takeaways listed above, you can get the maximum without putting your health at risk.

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